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rose-engine's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 110 Points

Chaos Girl

Game Start Unlocked 4/8/15
5 Points
Start playing.
Ending 1 5 Points Achieve Ending 1.
Ending 2 5 Points Achieve Ending 2.
Ending 3 5 Points Achieve Ending 3.
Ending 4 5 Points Achieve Ending 4.
Golden Astronaut 50 Points Find the hidden Golden Astronaut.

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/75 points)

Kill the Plumber

No Stomping Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
Get stomped on level 1.
1UP Yours 5 Points Kill the plumber 10 times
Indie Giving 5 Points Check out
Join the Army 5 Points Like Kill the Plumber's page
Shortcut 5 Points Beat level 12 under 5 seconds
Deathtouch 10 Points Touch and kill the plumber on level 4
World 1 Done 10 Points Beat level 12 under 5 seconds
100 Lives Lost 25 Points Kill the plumber 100 times.
Another Castle 25 Points Beat level 24
Castle Crushed 25 Points Beat level 36
Jumpless 25 Points Beat level 10 without jumping
Must Kill 25 Points Kill the plumber before timer runs out on level 23
Completionist 50 Points Beat all Lost Levels
Lost Levels 50 Points Get at least 108 stars
Perfectionist 100 Points Get all 144 stars

Medals Earned: 1/15 (5/370 points)

Super Idle Imagination

The Abortionist Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
Receive a positive review from Wayne Marsh
Transcendence Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
Receive a positive review from Danish Goel
Idle Hard Unlocked 4/10/15
25 Points
Increase your chances of winning an award
Fifty Fifty Unlocked 4/10/15
50 Points
Get lucky on the one arm bandit
Selling Your Soul 5 Points Find and abuse the familiar mechanic
Against The Odds 10 Points Receive a positive review from FlashChaz
Voice Of Reason 10 Points Receive a positive review from Shock-Dingo
Flappy Turd 25 Points Take 25 poos
Why...Why?! 25 Points Develop 75 games with Auto mode disabled
AAARH! I CAN HAVE...IDEAS?! 50 Points Enter the brain
Honours Idle 50 Points Win 50 awards - the only true recognition of talent
Trifecta Of Idleness 50 Points Develop 3 Idle versions of FlashChaz games
Cosmosis 100 Points Realize a universal truth
Kill Me Now 100 Points Develop 250 games with Auto mode disabled
Shovelwaring You Out 100 Points Churn out 800 games

Medals Earned: 4/15 (95/620 points)

Words are Weapons

Drunk Father Unlocked 5/6/15
5 Points
Defeat the Drunk Father
Neighborhood Owner 10 Points Defeat the Neighborhood Owner
Take a Rest 25 Points Find the place to take a rest
The Best Fighter 25 Points Defeat the Best Fighter
Trashcan Lover 25 Points Defeat the Trashcan Lover
Secret Room Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/140 points)